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Complete job portal for Job Seeking Artisans/ Industrial Workers & Employers/ Manufacturers of Various Industries (Like- Brass, Aluminum, Steel etc.) in Moradabad

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How Career Mitra Works?

Career Mitra is the easiest and the fastest way to get a job.


Create Profile

We guide you to create your profile. Creating a profile on Career Mitra is free.


Complete and update profile

Recruiters search for profiles to hire. Completed profiles have higher chances of getting contacted by recruiters.


Get job recommendations

We send you relevant jobs based on your profile data and previous job applications.


Apply to jobs

When you apply to a job, we send your application to the recruiter. We will notifiy, when the recruiter takes any action on application.


Get Shortlisted

Your profile is viewed by recruiters. Relevant profiles get shortlisted and contacted by the recruiters.


Get Hired

By having a complete profile

By applying to relevant jobs

By keeping your profile updated

Career Mitra Features

Job Search

User can search jobs and filter jobs using provided filters (Department, Category, Location, Skill etc.)


Job Seekers can enhance their skills by getting provided training materials on this portal.

Enrollment Programs

Job Seekers can apply enrollment programs on Career Mitra portal to get certified.

Notification & Messaging

User will be notified using various methods (Notification, Email, SMS)


User can register himself through portal and app or can call to IVRS for Account creation.

Help & Support

User will get support through IVRS, Training Videos and Advertisements etc.

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